Thursday, May 30, 2019

River Flood Update

The River Course has been closed for the vast majority of this month. I want to take a moment to explain why.

Most people are aware that the Blue River floods areas of our course during heavy rains. This month the course flooded numerous time and has taken a very long time to dry out.

This is a view down the fairway of number 7 River.
There are a number of problems that come with this flooding. One major problem is the silt that is left behind. Anywhere water from the river has sat for any amount of time there will be a large deposit of silt material.
This shows the amount of silt left behind by the flooding.

Another major hurtle we have to face is debris. Most of the debris washed up from the river ends up on the grass and must be moved in order to mow or allow play. In some cases debris will catch on the bridges rendering them unusable. 
The bridge between holes 1&2
A golf cart for comparison
Once all of the water goes down and we are finally able to traverse that side of the course, extensive clean-up begins. I know that this if frustrating for golfers that want to play the river, but it is equally frustrating for us as well. Having multiple days where we are not able to get on the course means we fall further and further behind and it is extremely hard for us to catch back up.
This is the overgrowth on #2 fairway right now as we are not able to access it.
Please be patient, the second we can get the River course cleaned up and open we will.

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