Monday, January 22, 2018

Still Busy in the Winter

Many people ask me what we do all winter long when its way too cold for mowing and there is no golf being played. I'd love to tell you that we take a couple months off and just relax, but that's far from the truth. The winter is a perfect time for us to get many things done we just don't have to for during the season. Everything from equipment maintenance to painting and tree work.

This year we lost many signs due to the flooding so we decided to make new signs from scratch.

These will be our new enter and exit signs for cart traffic on the river course
We will also be building a small sign that lets everyone know which portions of Heart of America are open that day. 
Each portion of this sign will be reversible so we can close areas that may be flooded or closed for maintenance 
While we had the wood and equipment out we decided to make all new tee markers for the River Course as well. These will be solid cedar blocks that we feel will give the place a little nicer feel. 

Each one of these tee markers was hand burned by Sam Marlin the assistant superintendent so when you see him let him know how great of a job he did. We think they turned out great. 

These are just some examples of the projects we complete in the winter as well as all the other mechanical, arboricultural, and horticultural duties. 

Looking forward to a great 2018 at Heart of America! 
**Stay tuned for all new bunkers this season!