Thursday, April 20, 2017

Springtime at Heart of America

These spring months are often times some of the best turf-growing conditions we see. As long as mother nature plays ball, we can expect to see big progress in turf health and growth. Of course the weeds also excel during this time of year, but what's life without a challenge?

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what you can expect if you make the trip to wonderful Heart of America Golf Course.

Greens are recovering very well from aerification. The rain played havoc on our scheduling this year and some greens got punched and healed much faster than others, but most are almost completely healed at this point. We will be continuing a routine topdressing program that will continue to smooth and firm the greens.

The main turf range tee is opened all the way up now. The 1.6 acre teeing surface is healthy and looks great so I encourage you to come out and hone your game.

All manicured turf on the course has been mowed and we are back in the routine for the season of keeping clean, playable conditions. We have also put out all new flags and sticks, which looks very sharp on the course. In the next couple days, the footgolf holes can expect a face-lift, as we are going to be putting out new front tee flags and new numbered flags for the holes.

My goal at Heart of America is to make this course as fair and enjoyable as possible as well as making all of our patrons happy. We are a thin crew this year, and inevitably will overlook things along the way so I truly encourage you to bring any concerns to our attention. Most people know who I am now and if you see me, please stop me and let me know what you think we are doing right and what you think we are doing wrong. I love the feedback good or bad. That goes for anyone on my crew, and if not the crew, you can let them know in the clubhouse, they will certainly pass it along. Thanks in advanced and I look forward to seeing you this season at HOA.