Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Course Update

As everyone knows, the golf course was hit by yet another major flood in August. I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on the cleanup progress and other ongoing projects at HOA.

The flood cleanup has been equally extensive and exhausting. Starting from greens and working out to tees, fairways, and rough we cleaned as much of the deposited silt off the turf. Currently we are in the process of seeding areas that are too far gone to recover. Many areas still have silt that has nowhere to go and we are trying to break it and get grass to grow through it. You will likely see hundreds of feet of rope and stake on the course, which are areas that have been seeded.

The reason carts have stayed on the path so long is that the flood water and silt deposits weakened our cool-season turf severely. Most of the fairways are in good shape, but getting carts from the path to the fairway is the problem and any excessive driving on the weak rough areas will certainly kill the turf and lead to more seeding. This week our goal is to get everything seeded and roped off so that we can get carts back off the paths, but it will be imperative that carts stay on the fairways and out of the rough.

During this disaster cleanup regular course maintenance has to continue. With a crew of only a few guys this is extremely hard to do, but we have managed. All of the greens were aerified last week and the main driving range tee has been aerified and seeded. Unfortunately the grass does not stop growing for us to clean the flood so it has been a very long process. One of the major eye-sores on the course that has not been fully addressed since the flood are the bunkers. We hope to get the bunkers back into playable condition in the comings days.

Thank you all for your patience and I look forward to putting this flood behind us and getting the course back to the way it should be.