Friday, June 21, 2019

River #7 Update

Here is a quick update on Hole #7 of the River Course:

I've had many questions about what are plan is for number 7 on the River side so I'll take this time to outline our plan.
Just a reminder of what #7 looked like a couple months ago and numerous times over the past couple seasons

The majority of our battle has been with the silt that the flooding leaves behind.

 After all of the silt and debris cleanup was done, we started putting together a plan for repairing the lower tee and fairway.

With Zoysia prices as high as they are and knowing that this fairway will go under water again at some point, we do not think it is feasible to resod the entire fairway to Zoysia.
#7 lower tee

 We will however be sodding the lower tee on #7 to make it playable as soon as we can. We will be borrowing sod from the far left side of the front fairway of the same hole to fill in this tee.

As far as the fairway goes, we have opted for a seeded-type bermuda grass variety. This is the reason the lower fairway is still roped off. The germination period for this seed is much longer than other seeds so even though we have had seed down now for a couple weeks we are just now starting to see some seedlings.

Tiny bermuda seedlings starting to find the light
Our goal is to push this seed along with spoon-feeding fertilizer and aerification to close in the bare areas and make the fairway presentable again.

 Much of these areas will fill in on their own when the soil temps are higher and the growing conditions are right for warm season grasses. In the mean time, we are doing everything we can within our budget to bring this hole back to life.