Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fall Seeding at HOA

If you make your way to Heart of America Golf Course you are sure to see hundreds of feet of rope and stake all over the course. We have installed all of this to help direct traffic for our fall seeding.

This year we are trying to replenish all of the rough that we have lost over the past two years. In doing so we have moved carts to fairways and cart-paths only. This is to help the seedlings grow. If carts continually drive over the rough areas where all of this seed has been planted we will lose all of it and have wasted huge amounts of time and money.

This is an example of the small seedlings that can be severely damaged by cart traffic
In conjunction with all of our Fescue rough seeding, we have also completely renovated the range tee with Rye grass. This process involves shutting the main tee completely down. We understand that this is an inconvenience, but we will have a much better stand of grass come next spring if we take care of it now.
This is what we are trying to avoid on the main tee. Please help us out and stay on the mats when using the driving range.
 Overall, I expect to have good seed germination this year and I think we will see a big difference in the rough next spring if we can push this seed this fall. As always, I greatly appreciate all of our patrons and thank you for obeying the ropes and signs all over the course.

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